If it will make you feel a bit better I can say that I got rid of my Leica M3 because I hated using the lines in the view finder. I never got another RF camera for that reason. It takes me out of my spontaneous reaction to the image when I have to consider the projected edges marks. It is even worse when you put on a 90mm lens and the little box is your image.
It did have an amazingly sharp 50 lens. The fact that you say there is nothing quite like a Leica means there is something you like about it. So it is like a relationship with a partner who isn't quite perfect. You forgive the imperfection and try to focus on the good things.
I happily sold my Leica and used the cash to buy a Pentax 67 system that became far more important to my work.
To each his own but my Rolleiflex captured my heart as it does many hearts just as the Leica does.