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HAHA!! Someone just had an early (metal advance knob) Brownie Hawkeye listed for $19 OBO on eBay.

I submitted an offer of $5 at the 5 hours left mark and they took it! NICE!!

That makes Hawkeye #6!!
Good buy! There seems to be a trend of rising prices for older cameras these days on sites like eBay, Etsy, and even Craigslist. I have seen many simple, older, "junk" cameras that used to command prices of no more than $5, going for more like $50! It is truly amazing to see even very ubiquitous models such as the Brownie Hawkeye fetching high prices. Maybe it is a good thing in a way that they are becoming more desireable, but it is certainly frustrating when you're actually in the market for one!