Hi all,
I'm new to the whole world of large format, ive been doing digital and 35mm for about 4 years now and I've decided to challenge myself some more. As of right now I do not own a light meter, I probably haven't looked into how to determine exposure with 4x5 enough yet, but i was just wondering, can i use my DSLR (nikon d60) and set it up with the same f/stop and focal length and iso/asa right next to my 4x5 camera and get an exposure like that? or would it make more sense to actually try and mount my D60 onto the back of my 4x5? I think that way I could get an instant result of if I develop everything right what the print could eventually look like. Right? if not please let me know, any suggestion on quick ways to determine exposure, or if i should just go and buy a light meter would be a great help.

Thanks much!