Can you offer a bit more about this film? I missed out on it; it seems to have come around during a long period when I wasn't doing photography and went away before my return. There's a post here about Diafine where the poster says his reason to want Diafine is Neopan 1600 - what speed does one get out of this combo and is that the reason for using it?

What kind of time frame would be you looking for for the prints?

Great idea but I'm a bit reluctant for a couple of reasons. One is my lack of time for darkroom work these days. I get into the darkroom when I can but not nearly enough. The other is that of feeling sure of having even one image good enough I'd want to share it off a roll of brand-new-to-me 35mm emulsion. Plus this being a specialized fast film, would have to look for the right subject/event/time for it as well.