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The sensors in digital cameras don't " see" the light in the same way as film, ie I.S.O. on a digital sensor isn't necessarily the same speed as I.S.O. 100 on film even using a separate hand held meter , and before you shoot me down I base this assertion on an article I read in the British version of Professional Photography Magazine a couple of years ago in which they extensively tested this matter, and came to this conclusion, which I still have.
I've not seen the article but in practice my DSLRs have been fine when I use the readings from my Minolta Spotmeter F, no ISO correction needed (mainly used for metering with studio flash). In addition when using my DSLR alongside va film camera the reading are comparable. That doesn't mean all makes etc will be similar, in the end it's about knowing your equipment.

In the past I've had occasions where I've needed to use the readings from my Leicameter or Pentax MX while out shooting LF and it's no different using the DSLR metering.