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Had a slight <ahem> mishap with an open tray of fixer. Ended up spilling 100ml over the box that contains my modem & router. An hour or so later, found my internet connection had gone down.... Rang the hell desk in Bangalore and they diagnosed a "line fault" and would send an engineer out the following afternoon.

One new modem later, and I'm back

Lesson learnt - Fixer and electronics do not mix, so the computers currently in the darkroom will have to find a new home.
Must be a similar help line I got recently when I rang Directory Enquiries to get the phone number of a friend who lives in a village about twenty miles away from my home, the man who answered the phone at the help centre spoke with such a heavy Indian accent he was all but intelligible, and when I asked him for a number in a village called Burley-In- Wharfdale he told me the place didn't exist and when I asked him where he was he replied " Bangalore".