My name is Jennifer, that user name was taken so I had to go with Jenni, Just call me Jen
Anyway I started out shooting film back in the 90's and got my first Digital camera in 2006, I used it a lot but it was always missing something. So last year I got a Pentax 645 for a good price and started shooting with it, then I realized what the digital lacks. Digital is very fast, you can just shoot and shoot and not think about what you are doing (that was a rut I was in anyway). With film each frame needs to be thought out and treated as if it were your last. Analog photography is much slower and more methodical. I find I'm much more creative and calm using the film then digital. Also I like the tangible aspect of it.

I enjoy developing my own film, B&W and C-41 Going to do some slides next. I've not quite mastered scanning yet, any tips would be great. And I'm in the process of turning my garage into a dark room.

I'm pleased as punch to see that there is a nice community of photographers still using film and I hope to share in the experiences from the forum!

Good Lighting!


P.S. I now shoot a Nikon F4--- the Pentax 645 was not a good fit for me, so untill I can find a medium format I'm happy with, I'll stick with my F4 (It's awesome).