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Incompetent jorurnalism plain and simple. A decent 110 camera can beat any camera phone made, and 35mm is so far ahead it isn't worth comparing.
I mean no disrespect, but I am not in agreement with this.

I did a show last year of photos from my iPhone 4, not even the 4S, in Hipstamatic that were printed in 10" x 10" and two of them at 30" x 30", all looked great, sold enough on the opening night to pay for 15 new iPhones. I can tell you with full confidence that even an ASA 100 film shot in 110 would not begin to compete with the above.

I'm sorry but it is this kind of statement that really makes the non-film using community laugh, does us no good...at all.

As for the article, meh, I have read better in the NYT, and I shoot for them several times a year...