Hi all - new to the forum. I searched around and couldn't find anything relating to this, but I just received a Nuarc FT18V exposure unit. Nice little unit. When I plug it in the vacuum works great, but when I go to turn on the lamp, the unit buzzes loudly and lights for about 1 sec then blows the main 20A fuse. I even tried removing the bulb to see if perhaps there was something faulty with the bulb. Same behavior (only no light). When I flipped the expose switch with the bulb removed, 1sec buzz and then a blown fuse. I removed the front cover and all of the wires seem to be fine (no melts or obvious frayed/exposed wire). Everything seems clean.

Does anyone have any experience with these older units or have any idea what might be going on? The only other strange behavior I noticed is that the exhaust fan never turned on. Is the fan thermally switched to only go on when the unit heats up?

I would appreciate any feedback since I know nothing about this unit.

Thanks all!