I'm not going to try to dissuade you from buying an MP, though many of the previous posters comments are quite valid. I do think you should try a cheaper Leica or Bessa first to see if you even like the concept of rangefinder cameras though. Before you drop many thousands of $ for something you might not like at all. It's a lot different from shooting on a camera like the F6.

But, if you try it and like it, the MP is a wonderful camera. Too expensive for me; I'd rather just get a good M6 and save the difference. But if you have the extra money to spare, why not? Actually, I lied, I wouldn't get an M6 anymore. M7s are dropping in price fast enough that you can get a good one for about $500-600 more than an M6. As I prefer M7s over the none-auto Ms, that's what I shoot.