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Good Morning, Chuck,

I use a Beseler MCR-X with the condenser head. When positioned for 4 x 5 film (according to the scale), the bottom of the condenser lens is quite near the negative; in fact, I make sure that it is very clean, because a dust spot on the bottom of the condenser may sometimes come almost into focus on the print and be visible. I cheat a little by positioning the condensers slightly higher than the 4 x 5 mark on the scale, maybe one-eigth to one-quarter of an inch. I still get enough coverage in most cases. Just because of this potential problem, I generally compose a little "loose" so that I don't have to worry about the extreme corners on the negative.

Hi Konical, thanks for the reply.

If you were to do as I did, and try to enlarge the edge-to-edge negative, would you get sufficiently broad light from the condenser to cover the whole negative, edge to edge? My diffuser light is also very close at 4x5 settings, but the diameter of the diffuser is not sufficient to fully light the entire negative.

What I'd like to find out is whether the condenser has a larger illuminated circle than my diffuser chamber, so that the negative would be lit all the way to the corners. If so, I might pick up one in order to do this kind of print.

It would be great if you could check it out with your enlarger. If you have a sheet if glass (an 8x8 square fits perfectly in the beseler), just center a negative on top of it in the negative carrier slot, focus the enlarger and see if you can project the negative all the way to the edges, without vignetting as seen in my example picture. Could you give that a try?