This camera has a problem with wind on.I have put up with the problem for a couple of years but now is the time to get it sorted out.
After taking a picture the wind on will operate perhaps 1/10th of the full cycle, to bring up next frame i need to wind the lever 8-9 times.I can wind on to the next frame in this fashion OR if i sweep the focus lever 3-5 times first then the wind on will operate correctly.This has me confused as i cannot see how the focus lever could effect the wind on.
The frame spacing on negatives is fine regardless.
The only possible cause i can come up with is in the attached photos of the back door and a small button which the door should push in when closed.I have a Meopta TLR that has a similar [ i believe] set up.
On the Autocord it looks to me that the door does not fully connect with this button.Could this be the problem?
Asking for advice before i play around and make matters worseDCPB UTTON.JPGDCP door.JPG