I'll probably buy a new MF format rig in the very near future (new to me, I'll buy used gear) and I'm somewhat torn between the RZ and RB. Big and heavy isn't a problem as I'll be shooting off a tripod and I'm used to a Rollei SL66. I mainly shoot urban landscapes but sometimes do straight nature stuff. I thought long and hard about a 4x5 with a roll-film back or even a 2x3 view camera but the lens quality and convenience of a MF camera won out in the end. I'll also buy a cheap 8x10 later this summer but that will be for a whole different type of photography than the MF rig.

Does anyone have any opinions about the relative merits of the RB Pro SD & RZ Pro II other than the obvious price differential?

What I'd really like is the Fuji GX680III but I am not confident in Fuji's future support of a complicated electronic film camera even though thay say it will be supported for 10 years.