Do you have an infrared filter?

When the solar eclipse happened a couple Sunday's ago, the weather was such that I thought I wouldn't see it at all so I didn't set up the telescope. I scrambled when it finally cleared to get something and I grabbed my infrared filter. I put that on my d****l and took a few quick shots to see what would happen and got awesome results. Unfortunately, when I switched it back to my K1000, it was loaded with infrared film which was a huge mistake. If I would have had 25 ISO something in there other than infrared the shots probably would have been great.

Note that what I just described is safe for the camera, but not you. The infrared is really bad for your eyes too and you really shouldn't look through the viewfinder. I pretty much just glanced in there to make sure I was on target.

For the transit, I'm actually aligning the telescope tonight and rubber strapping some sheets to it (I have a solar filter).