Thanks for your kind and sincere comments! I really appreciate it.

Firs of all, I'm afraid I have to apologize to poor Richard, for what he is about to experience. Poor guy is only just now getting to know my highly caffeinated and opinionated business side

I guess I'll say a few words about the name that we chose for our venture, and what it means to us. I have been ranting lately about the erosion of hands-on, eye-to-eye, inspirational learning in our schools... everything's become so virtualized, clinical, and boringly two dimensional. Some IT enthusiasts seem hell-bent on moving all our classrooms and teachers into "the cloud."

While stewing on that topic, I was wondering how much of our students' schoolwork even bears a real signature- that creative and personal character that gives work its individual value. In order to impress my erudite colleagues I decided to call all of that "manu propria." Then Richard and I had coffee and talked about opening a gallery, and we realized the same thoughts apply to photographic output....

Anyway... wish us luck! And I guess we'd better hang up an APUG logo in deference to our many great friends here, and all that they've taught us.

P.S. You can follow us on facebook at manupropriagallery, and on twitter at @manupropria1 ... and keep us in mind as a venue to display your best work. And come teach some students down here too! That's what manu propria stands for. Learning how to put more of yourself into the print.