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Wow, how holidaysnap-esque.

Blown out background, head too large.... at least no fig leaf pose.

This looks like one of those, "well the President can only give you 5 minutes so...."

Don't know if this photographer is any good or not but if he is, this is not his best work.

Don't speak/read French so I found this:

The "well the President can only give you 5 minutes so...." attitude is Sarkozy's (the previous one), this one seems (we'll see in a few years) to listen more and to give more time. He also seem to know more about culture (not too difficult) that his predecessor (the previous photographer was a people-ish one).

I tend to think Depardon is a good photographer, not sure this is his best work, but what I like in his work iis more the sense of "continuity" than the "greatest hits" he produces. His work about rural France is something I love. I really like "La terre des paysans" (could be translated to "farmers' land"). The fact that he was born in a farm and his parents were farmers shows in the images.

Look here

Finally, I'd say that what I prefer about the image is that it is shot on an "obsolete" media with an "obsolete" camera...