With my retirement pending I will soon, for the first time in my life, have time and some money to spend on taking my 40 year on/off hobby more seriously. I've decided to concentrate on platinum printing from in camera negatives shot on an 8x10. I want to spend my time becoming as good a platinum printer as I can be by concentrating all my efforts in this direction.

My questions are directed at those of you who create platinum prints from in camera negatives and sell to the public.

Should prints made from digital negatives, particularly if they are enlarged from 35mm, medium format or digital camera files, be sold as being printed from a digital negative to differentiate them from, what I would call, a traditional platinum print?

Does it matter to serious buyers and collectors?

I'm not suggesting that printers shouldn't use digital negatives but i do think the "purity" of a traditional process should at least be recognised by disclosing digital input when it applies.

Mike Bell