Hi all,

When I was more naive I was wondering about Salgado technique in terms of which films and developers he uses. Now I know that this does not matter: Kodak or Ilford, D76 or Rodinal, it is not so important.

Now I think that the way how he approaches to people is more important.

I have seen in videos and read in interviews how Salgado does it. He smiles, even in hard situations. Then he speaks with them for some time, breaks atmosphere, make small talk, and then he starts to take pictures.

This is very interesting, and I find it very hard to do it. I did try it several times, I am not shy guy, talking to strangers it not some hard thing to me, but somehow after small talk taking pictures is either hard for me, or they say please don't take photos or ... I don't know.

Any thoughts about this?