I would be far more concerned with someone tweaking a digital file to "look like" a platinum or palladium print, printing it via inkjet and then calling it a "platinum" print (and there are idiots out there who do that). The times that I have done digitally enlarged images from 2 1/4 negs, I have at least kept the proportions of the original negative (square) and/or included the edge of the negative to show the medium format camera film gate (I still have a little inner Hasselblad snob in me). If anyone asks about the how/when/where/why of it, I'll gladly explain. The only things I've done to the files digitally is dust/scratch removal and applying printing curves to help the digital negative work with platinum or palladium (and when working from digital files, you do need to make a different negative for each type because the contrast is different).