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There is something odd going on here. In the photo of the photographer working you can see his camera is clearly aiming up at the President and the buildings would in the distance should have converging lines like any building you aim your camera up at. Instead the lines of the building almost seem to be widening at top as if the photographer was looking down at them. And the enlarged head of the President is illogical as well.
What I am guessing happened is that the film was scanned and then the perspective for the building corrected in photoshop, which also enlarged the head of the Pres.
Actually I have the impression the lens is probably slightly wide angular, the camera is aimed slightly downward, which makes the head of the President so unfortunately prominent. Buildings are not supposed to cut a head in two, but this is no normal building, and no normal head, so why should the photograph be normal?

Besides, remember that during the electoral campaign this candidate promised to renegotiate all the rules about composition, which were unfairly dictated by the Germans profiting from the fact that they made the camera and the lens.

You can actually see a subtle political message there: the photographer "of the peasant" (very worker-minded, well done, good shot) instead of the photographer of the celebrities, the portrait like your aunt would have made it (power to the people!), the tailor who was working as a milkman until election day, it all says "make no mistake, I'm not your usual President working for the bourgeois and the banks".

He's not holding a black child in his arms only because it's an official shot.


Yes my politically incorrect idea is that he's a bloody demagogue. And I have all the right to express my opinion because he's a "cousin" after all