I learned on film. But shoot both. It sounds to me like the class was one for photoshop not one for photography. They are separate beasts and photoshop has been a sore spot for film users since its creation. I teach my students (basic photography) with whatever camera they own. My philosophy is the same, take your time, get it right in camera and use the darkroom/photoshop to compleat your art.

Get it right in camera is how photography should be taught. It's how I was taught, it's how I teach. Teaching PS its important to know everything the program can do so you work efficiently and quickly. I personally would rather be making images with my camera then sitting at my desk. So I work hard to nail the shot.

When I started with Digital 8 years ago I had a huge learning curve. The dinamic range was killing me. Old habits die hard. And learning photoshop was hard, very difficult to get it right. So easy to over do it. Anyway that's my .02