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I lost all faith in Fuji when they discontinued Neopan 400 in 120 without warning, and released no information to the public regarding it. That was in my opinion one of the most versatile films ever. It's a shame. More power to Ilford in this day in age. I will support Ilford til the end.
Fuji wakes up one morning and finds out that a key ingredient in a film has been banned. Now what? Well, they look at the sales. Not so hot. How much does it cost to reformulate that film? That much??? For how much in sales? Eh, it was good while it lasted.

I'll use Acros 100 until it runs out. It's good stuff, and I don't blame a film manufacturer because a bureaucrat wants to feel good. What would you do if Ilford had to discontinue an emulsion because an agency changes a rule? We are at the mercy of a lot of factors.