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Speaking of my chaperon, she has expressed an interest in visiting the woods of northern Michigan this summer and is thinking that she'll join me at Photostock.

Does she know how small the closet rooms are at the Birchwood? My first wife, two black labs and I went skiing there and stayed in one of the Birchwood closet rooms. Both dogs are dead and the marriage also died, but it was a few years later in all three cases. I'm sort of sure the closet rooms had nothing to do with it. I was so glad her sister (first wife’s) made the reservations. At least that wasn’t my fault.

I had one of those rooms in 2007. The bathroom is so small that when I went to load film holders I had to sit on the toilet and run the dark slide into the shower stall to have enough room to slide in film.

The scenery is beautiful winter or summer. She will love it.

Looking forward to meeting her at last.