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hcb didn't set foot in a darkroom and it seems that
his body of work shows he had the chops and speaks for itself

not every person who picks up a camera cares about darkroom work
just like most people who look at an image don't really care how it was made...
HCB may never have developed or printed his own work, but he had enough technical chops to know which shutter and aperture settings to use with which film to get the result he was looking for. And he knew enough to be able to talk to the darkroom workers who did his work for him to be able to coax the results he wanted from his film. I've seen some of his contact sheets at a show at ICP a couple years ago - they were all marked up, so he had to be able to say "burn this, dodge that, crop the other" in a way that his printer could produce a print that looked good.