The International standard for film/plate holders is post WWII 194/7 I think, and some new cameras still took non standard book form holders well into the late 1950's. Watson and Gandofi were two companies still making book form holders

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I have a couple of these MPP holders - They are fractionally thicker than a regular plastic film holder and fit a modern 5x4 camera just fine. If a spring back on a modern camera can accommodate a QuickLoad/ReadyLoad holder (which my Wista does), it will cope with the old wooden MPP plate holders.

You will find Ilford also do holographic glass plates (for a price) and if you opt for coating your own, get the glass from a glazing supplier cut to size.
I must have at least 15 or 16 MPP holders now, 6 are plate holders 2 with the same film inserts, others are identical except MPP riveted the inserts in place from new. Some MPP holders have a different register as did some very early MPP cameras. I have checked mine and they are all standard. MPP holders do have slightly wider edges holding the film so the film area is a touch smaller. They are very well made and despite high prices on Ebay from certain sellers can be picked up quite cheaply. (2/$3.15 is about the average I've paid for them).