Well, this is my basically my first attempt at a darkroom. I've only been printing for about a year so far, so everything's rather embryonic at this point. A few years ago, the crazy cat lady who lived in the house across the street died (of emphysema, go figure!), and her son sold us that house for relatively cheap. It needs a horrendous amount of work done on it -- painting the walls, replacing the corroded vents, refinishing the ruined hardwood floors, replacing the toilets and fixtures, completely redoing the kitchen, etc. -- but in the meantime I decided to use it as a darkroom. I started out using a small interior room, but since the house only has air conditioning in the master bedroom, a window unit, I moved everything to it recently.

On the table are my Omega D2 and Beseler MCRX enlargers. I use the Omega and don't have lensboards and carriers for the Beseler yet, so the Beseler currently gets used as a support for some clamp-mounted safelights. On the far right are stored drying screens, trays, and a table where I lay out the trays of chemistry. I use the hall bathroom's sink and bathtub for washing prints. I develop film in the bathroom of my own house.

Hopefully, as we get the crazy cat lady house refurbished, I can make a more professional and suitable darkroom.