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I'm pissed that I thought of it first but didn't do it!

Though I never would have thought of charging that kind of money..
I'd been thinking about this idea too, damn them.

I think they look great and if they revitalise a camera and it goes to a good home, rather than locked up in some cupboard in bits, then that's ok, isn't it? If the business model works, hats off to them. I'd be pretty stoked if someone bought me one of these as a present.

I certainly woodn't (did you see what I did there?) buy one myself though. The mark-up is ridiculous, but it's no different to me buying a VW Beetle, de-chroming it, tinting the windows, adding a nice pastel two-pack paint job and some tear-drop rear lights, and selling it for more that it's worth. Up until the 80s you could pick up a Beetle for next to nothing, until enthusiasts started pimping them up.