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Actually, no. Not any more ironic than Fujifilm being an OEM for Hasselblad. Now imagine that Fujifilm had bought both the Olympus and the Leica brands. (link, "We make the Fujifilm sensor, software, and all the important components themselves. We also have a very good brand. So why should we put Fujifilm technology in a body from Leica?") Can you imagine the looks on the Leica fanboys' faces when they would be reminded that they are actually shooting with a Fujifilm camera?

<*gasp!*> Talk about setting the cat among the pigeons. LOL! The two references to Hasselblad and Leica surely two of the most hallowed names on the planet (oh wait, there's Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus...) are likely to cause tremors and hissy fits (probably of haut denials, claim and counterclaim). The Fujifilm link is very interesting indeed, ditto the full interview. I wonder if Fujifilm has future plans to acquire Leica? The sensor business is evidently good stuff for the doyen of the little green box. God, I'd love to see the reaction on the faces of those who swear only of the red-dot German marque as much as they swear to drive only a BMW, VW or Mercedes (any variables of which are not wholely made in Germany!). Speaking of which, my brother in law upped his snob appeal by buying, as he puts it, a "beautiful all-German car", a VW Jetta. What the dealer didn't tell him another owner did: it was assembled in Mexico.