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Steve, I suspect it's the curtain material that's causing your problems. I may be able to help you out there if you want to pop down and collect some


Hi Ian,

This is a bit of Deja Vu all over again!

Didn't I send you some shutter cloth about a year ago?

One thing I noticed during my strip down was that I have one shutter tape that is black. The rest are white...

So... I am not the first person to have attempted a repair. The trouble is I am no longer certain that what I have can work. Maybe someone has replaced the tapes with something too thick or changed the length or who knows what else?

Obviously, if you know a camera is original then you look for the part that has gone faulty and fix it. When I realised I may be looking at a modified shutter.... it made me doubt if I can ever get it working. I gave it a good go, though!

I'll be very interested to know what shutter tapes are on your camera.