Thomas does has a great idea, but I understand what could/could not happen because of it. What if we did some sort of small book? I know that the epson's also have the option to use rolls of paper, but I'm not sure of the actual size (I'm hoping 6-10" wide). The photos could all be printed this size and then mailed out with a cover and any other extra pages with text, etc. that would be decided on. Each individual could then decide whether they wanted to keep the images more as a loose-leaf portfolio while others could spend the extra $$$ to have theirs bound. I know Kinkos binds book for a very cheap price. I have access to a binder which lets you use those plastic rings, I would be willing to purchase a bunch of the binding rings and bind the books... at the moment I have lots of extra time as I can't print. And I also work at a dry cleaners where the business starts to slow down during the summer (less sweaters and dry clean only clothes) and could do my binding in-between waiting on customers. Hell, I could even put a couple of the books up for sale at the cleaners and also at a small-town gifts store (it's run by a lady and her mother and they take 10-15% I'm already planning on matting small b&w images and selling them there).