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<*gasp!*> Talk about setting the cat among the pigeons. LOL! The two references to Hasselblad and Leica surely two of the most hallowed names on the planet (oh wait, there's Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus...) are likely to cause tremors and hissy fits (probably of haut denials, claim and counterclaim).
Isn't it interesting that in the digital era that the individuality of cameras is label-deep? Not even skin deep! I know that Fujifilm is making Hasselblad's digital line, but I have no idea what else they're doing. I doubt that they'll buy either Leica or Olympus now. Digital cameras are just crazy. An OEM doesn't make a sensor anymore, so the manufacturer has to scramble to come out with a new version of their camera. With film, we just toss in a different roll. The camera is never obsolete, and the sensor is $5. With digital, the whole camera is obsolete a year down the road.

Such is the path the populace has chosen.