For Trade: One of my 4x5 contact prints (your choice) for a 50sheet box of 4x5 Kodak Tmax400 shipped to my address.

B&H has it for $86.50 CLICK HERE and free shipping. My 4x5 contact prints sell for $175.00 CLICK HERE so that's a savings of $88.50 or a little more than 1/2 off. I will ship the print to you at my expense.

If you've thought about buying one of my prints this is your chance to save some money...

The Story..... I was in a hurry loading holders last weekend and majorly F#@$%! up. I left 25 sheets sitting out when I turned on the lights =( I'm broke right now and almost out of film so not only would you be getting a print cheap but you'd be helping me out.

I have to limit this to people in the US due to the expense of shipping a print internationally (my prints are mounted and over-matted to 13x15 inch board so the box ends up being large and shipping expensive.) I have paper and mat board, just need some film.

You can choose from my APUG Gallery HERE or my Website Gallery HERE. Remember to choose a 4x5 contact print (not the small medium format contact or the big 8x10s). The only print not included would be the portrait of Lynn.

Please contact me with any questions.