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I used a 18% grey card in daylight.

I read the light from the gray card first with the handheld meter, then with the camera meter.

Since all my Nikon F3HP and Nikon F4S meters read exactly the same I assumed they were accurate. When I compare these meters with my F2 and FE meters
as well as the exposure they are close ( with the F2 meter being reading 1/3 stop different.) Exposures with the F3HP and the F4S appear identical.

When I compare the readings with the Nikons to my Hasselblad PME 5 meter the reading is identical.

So; Nikon FE=F3HP=F4s=FE=Hassy PME5.

Take the same reading with my handheld meters I read exactly 1 stop high.

Could I ask someone else to perform a similar test?

I must add, this doesn't appear to be a problem, my exposures are satisfactory and I sleep at night. I am merely curious if this is a quirk with my stuff or a general
issue with all in camera and hand held meters.
My experience is that my meters and cameras read the same.