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Sorry I can't visualize which direction you mean when you say 1 stop high.

Maybe you can give a specific scenario tell us the scene, EI, Shutter and f/stop recommended by Camera, and Light meter.

If you have a light meter that does Incident/spot/reflected, what are the recommended settings on all modes.

And how are you positioning/lighting the gray card?
Hi Bill,
Thanks for the response.

-I had positioned my grey card against the back outside wall on our deck in the open shade.

-I set up my cameras on a tripod one at a time. ( OK not very scientific but the lighting was consistent. )

-The built in meters in my F4s, F3, Hassy PME5 etc. all read identically to one another when pointed at my 18% grey card. I include only the grey card in the frame.
(The point I'm trying to impart here will be that my camera meters are likely as accurate as they agree with one another.)

-Each time I took a reading with a camera I also took a reading with a hand held meter, usually my Gossen Digisix. (I have confirmed the accuracy of this meter with a
friends meters as well as others I own.)

-The reading from my handheld meter is consistently higher, by 1 stop, to the readings I get from the meters in my cameras.

My feeling is the reading from the same grey card should be identical for my handheld or camera meters. But then....I don't know!