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(I went to kindergarten with the daughter of composer, Bruce Rowland who wrote the score for the movie.... my only brush with fame )

I went to primary school with Bruce's (late) son, Adam, in Mooroolbark. I'm pretty sure that Bruce's daughter was also there...
You're not going to tell me you went to Pembroke Primary School, are you???

It's wonderful to hear of so many people remembering this film (The Man From Snowy River) and their connections with it. As a side note, I hum Clancy's theme when I'm stressed out and trying to calm myself down. No idea why, but I've been doing that for a couple of decades.

I went to Bruce Rowland's house for his daughter's 5th birthday. I've been wracking my brain for her name for a few years now since scanning all of my old photo albums. She's in my kindy group photo. At any rate, it's a standout memory from my childhood because I ate 6 of those pink clown lollipops (the ones with a white wrapper with blue and yellow polkadots on it). This was a VERY bad idea for me as I couldn't eat sugar AT ALL growing up, not even fruit. So, the end result was an incredibly large pool of bright pink vomit on the green rug in my parents' sitting room. I can still picture it perfectly.

You all REALLY needed to know that, didn't you?

Back to the topic of this thread (and in line with the nausea), I finally printed a couple of dozen images from the Cape Schanck expedition Sunday last. Does anyone who was there have any objection to me posting a few of them in this thread? I'm referring to those with 'recognisable' faces in them?