I'm so glad you said that, Joachim, as YOU were central to quite a number of my photos. In fact, the only 8x10 print I made (the others being a mere 6x4) was of you.... although no one but your lovely wife will recognise you since you're not facing the camera. Speaking of your wife, could you please tell me the correct spelling of her name? I label all of my photos so in a year's time when my mind has completely gone, I'll still know who everyone is.

The 8x10 was the last thing I printed at around 5am today, so it's still dripping on the line. The first batch done a couple of days ago are currently being squished flat in my homemade print press. I'll try to get some scanned as soon as possible. Just please keep in mind that, me being me, these are snapshots by comparison with the art you all create.