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From memory, wasn't the issue to do with static and the backing paper? Might explain why it doesn't affect 35mm. But that implies that Acros is also affected. Perhaps that film was re-jigged after the global banning of that acid but before Japan signed up to ban it nationally.

Steve you see the problem I have. Whatever is speculated as to the cause of the demise of Neopan 120 it seems to raise more questions than answers. If for instance Fuji Neopan 35mm had to be reconfigured to meet the national/international ban then having done that why can't it be woven into 120 film? Why is the emulsion for 35mm and 120 the same for Ilford and Kodak and the same for Fuji Acros but not for Neopan 400?

Or was it simply that despite the mourning that occurred on APUG there just wasn't enough users to justify continuing 120 after whatever was done to make 35mm Neopan 400 meet the new requirements

Maybe all the Fuji range had to be reconfigured to meet the ban but it caused a review of the profits of all lines and those that failed to generate a profit were simply dropped i.e. it was economics not chemistry.

With hindsight it's a pity that Fuji chose to make an emulsion with a chemical that Ilford,Kodak, Foma, Rollei etc either chose not to use or were simply lucky enough not to avoid