Hi all,

I have just acquired a truly lovely Yashica 635 after a lengthy and exhausting search for one in pristine condition. I have noticed however, that the dial knobs (aperture/shutter control wheels) don't appear to be original. I believe they are genuine Yashica, just not the right ones for this model; is this correct? Perhaps someone can shed some light on this... were these black plastic radials ever standard equipment on a 635? If they are not original, how difficult would it be to find the correct knobs? Silver ones would look sooooo much nicer! Or would I in fact have to buy another 635 to swap the parts? (Yikes!) Perhaps someone on this fine forum has extra knobs they might consider selling?

I am assuming that a lens hood is quite essential. Are the generic (ie Ebay) plastic ones a fairly suitable substitute, or am I better to pay a rather princely sum to get the real deal? (keeping in mind the fact that my fixed disability pension prevents me from being in the same league as Thurston Howell III)

This camera did not come with a case, and after pricing some online, I am admittedly getting a bit worried. My gosh, I saw some cases for over $200! Any and all advice/tips/suggestions regarding my beautiful new camera would be very much appreciated. This is all very new to me. If there are sources out there for things like dial knobs, cases, filters, hoods, etc, perhaps some of you can pass this info on to me.

As you can well imagine, I am very anxious to start shooting with this gem of a camera. As it is not yet even in my possession, I can only hope that it is mechanically as pristine as its appearance. (I have been assured that yes, it is indeed mechanically mint... though we all know that this may be wishful thinking) I should have it in my hands within a week or so, and I'll report back with my findings. In the meantime, any things in particular that I need to look for?

Finally, I wonder what is considered a fair price for a camera like this. Assuming that it is mechanically fine, what would one generally expect to pay for this? (I paid about $100; included was a complete 35mm kit, hand grip, manuals, original lens cap, cable release, and some other odds and ends)