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I understand what Paul is concerned about. It's not so much of getting bad exposure but why do the cameras meter agree with each other and the hand held agree with each other but cameras and meters are different by 1 stop which is a significant amount. Yes I certainly think there is something wrong with your comparison but I don't know what.
This whole thing started innocently enough.

I often travel with a Hasselblad w/ PME5 finder, and a Nikon F3HP and/or F4s. The meters always match pretty well for every scene.

Then I got my old Rolleiflex overhauled and started using it with my Gossen Digisix meter and my Nikons ( instead of the Hassy. )

My Digisix was reading generally 1 stop more light than my Nikon camera meters.

Then I compared the Digisix to my other hand held meters and a friend's meter. They all read consistently the same.

So now I attempt a little more controlled study and find the same thing.

Either my camera meters are out 1 one stop, or my hand helds are out 1 stop.

Hopefully I'm really doing something wrong.