Hello there,
I'm new to the forums so sorry if this has been asked millions of times (have done a search but not found exactly what im looking for)
Bassically i have been using film for some time now (over a couple of years now) and fed up with the spending of money at jessops etc so i have purchased the Fujihunt X-Press C41 Processing kit with a developer tank.
Now i know the whole process, how to develop with times temperatures and everything. However i'm new to this and the way the chemicals has come may have slightly confused me. Bassically if you know the kit, which im sure many of you do, it comes with the 2.5l Bleach, 1l fixer, 50ml Stabilizer and then the Developer A B and C.
This is the part that is confuising me, because bassically i have the 5l kit but with all these small pots of chemicals im not sure what to do if you understand me?
Do i have to bassically combine all of the A B and C into water and store them into a second container and do the same with the stablizer, fixer and bleach? And if i do have to put them into water how much should the measurements of everything be? OR is it possible to do 1Litre containers with each of these into water?
I could be talking complete nonsence right now so please correct me if im wrong and i hope you understand what im trying to ask
So if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it
Many thanks