I won a calumet auction a few days ago on a canon vi-t rangefinder that was graded as very good condition with everything operating. Problem is when I received it yesterday night and was running through the usual tests (shutter speed, wind on, self timer, rangefinder patch alignment) I noticed the frame counter was not resetting. I have the previous model of this camera the vt, so this one is quite familiar in my hands, the change up between the two was the auto frame counter. The counter should have reset upon opening the back. I checked the door pin, and it is free moving. There is though a dent on the right side of the top plate by the wind knob up top, this could have caused this I think.

Well I shot all the way up to 40 thinking it might trigger a rewind after it hit the stop, but it didn't. Tried loading it with some film shot a few frames, and tried unwinding to see if the regular motions would fix it. Nope

With these trigger wind bodies, you need more force to wind on using the bottom trigger, without a counter you run the risk of ripping film off the spool. And also the usual running out and not knowing and having to change a roll. I think canon recommended to knob wind the last three shots to prevent rippage.

I contacted calumet and they don't offer repair on this and only a full refund. I'm a bit bummed about it. What should I do? A cla for this from someplace like Essex camera is $180 not including shipping plus wait time. I got the camera for $150 with shipping. keh has another vit in ex for $199, or an ex P for $130. what should I do?