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Repair will cost more than the camera is worth. Cheaper to buy a working one.
See, this is what I was talking about.

Have you seen what K1000's sell for, even without a CLA?

It's often a false economy. If the replacement fails, you have to buy yet another one. The used one is an unknown quantity- it might go a long time or it might quit next week. If the camera is going to be sold, it might not be worth getting a CLA. If the camera is going to be used, it makes sense to do it. The CLA pays off over time, as you get the use out of it. And for 65 bucks you know your camera will work when you want it to. Cheap insurance, I'd say.

For $65 or so the camera is cleaned and relubed, all foam replaced, ready to go reliably for many more years. And recently CLA'd cameras do sell for more, generally. A quality CLA by Eric Hendrickson or other reputable repairer is worth every cent.