The camera arrived this morning, a Thornton Pickard Ruby Junior Special, Quarter plate as I'd guessed. I was hoping to be able to just clean up the casing with some minor patching but it'll flake off when I open the camera up to take the shutter mechanism out. There's also a crack in the wood of one side that'll need glueing up so I've ordered some Moroccan Grain Black leather cloth.

I've already cut a new focus screen and am now contemplating what to do with the front surface silver mirror. Judging by the silver on the edges and a bit on the rear as well Thornton Pickard made these individually which made me realise if they could make them then so can I . I have some Silver oxide, ammonia etc so will give it a try, just need to rig up a hot-plate outside.

Before I begin stripping the camera down I'll shoot some photos of it.