Agreed that C-41 film processing isn't terribly interesting. There are not many creative options involved--just consistency. Unless you don't have access to a good lab, better to send it out.

Prints from color negs are easier than Ilfochrome, because the contrast is more manageable, and the time-consuming step of contrast masking is usually not required. If you work carefully and can manage the temperature control (just keep the chemistry in water bath until ready for use), it's not that difficult. If you don't have a dichroic enlarger, you can use filters. If you don't have a color analyzer (and even if you do), you can evaluate color balance on dry work prints with a Kodak Color Viewing Filter kit.

Drums are better than trays, because it is best to use one-shot chemistry, and drums require less chemistry per sheet. You can find drums and roller bases inexpensively on the used market.