Loris, thanks for your specifics on the various papers. I'm not trying to be argumentative here, just trying to get accurate information about this subject. Can you tell me how you know the specific papers you mention are non-buffered in their current production runs? Canson's website has product specifications and they now say that Montval watercolor paper IS buffered. I've contacted Fabriano twice in the last year asking for information about which of their products are buffered and they refuse to provide this information. Can't imagine why they won't answer this simple question? Even though a paper mill tries to achieve a consistent supply of raw materials, I wonder if different batches of paper pulp and fiber have differing ph levels that require varying amounts of buffering levels to achieve archival stability. Maybe this would account for the often repeated accounts of papers that work great in one printing session and then quit behaving well when they're from a different manufacturing run? We buy the Arches Aquarelle mainly in 51" x 10 meter rolls, usually ten or twelve rolls at a time. I definitely notice differences in paper color and printing behavior from batch to batch. Sometimes the paper is very consistent and sometimes I have to throw away 50% of the prints I make depending on any given roll.