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I've read a lot of lighting books over the years. What I've found most rewarding is to study photographs that I really liked and to figure out how they were lit. looking at shadows and the quality of the light will get you going. I spend a lot of time studying Penn's work - both portrait and comercial.

I take my info and try to reproduce the lighting. Trial and error has taught me a lot.

Hope this helps.

Books are great for teach you the basics so if you are not even at a 'basic' level then they are a great way to start. At some point the best way to learn is to try to emulate the images that you LOVE. Ultimately there are thousands of different subjects and situations and no book will teach you to be expert in each.

However, like Disco, books are dead. Go to blurtube for specific examples as every man and his dog wants his/her 5 minutes of fame (reduced from 15min in this digital era) so there are thousands of lighting examples online.