I went to the Ultimate Photo Estate Sale... Really I only found out about it on day 2 so I missed the Leicas, but amongst the 25% off sales was.... A Kodak Ektra... of 1940 vintage... Non working; but when am I ever going to get one of these so I payed $xx and it became a shelf queen. Except I did a little camera fondling and got tue shutter to work at 1 second. So I am going to work it a couple of hundred times to warm up the lubricants and see if the higher speeds work.

It is, however, an engineering tour de force mixed ip in a disaster of a camera.
Lathe work and engraving gone wild:'interchangeable backs' as long as they are calibrated for the individual camera. The longest rangefinder base ( sorry Contax) an inordinately difficult and slow breech mount to interchange lenses. Zoom viewfinder . Left handed filmwinder which is a pain, literally and figuratively. Unreliable shutter. A polished chrome oversized pressure plate which must have reflected every specular highlight. It seems hard to think how much money they spent to make it so bad. They must have thought Leitz had the patent on sexy cameras and Zeiss had the patent on boxy manly cameras, so Kodak makes an unsexy bitsy camera that is inherently unreliable.... But I like it.

I had thought about taking it into the camera repair store and asking innocently: "do you repair Kodak cameras?" then whipping this out just for the reaction.