I just picked up a Calumet cc400 at a decent price, and it came with an Angulon 90/6.8 mounted on a recessed lens board.

This is my first large format camera, and I have perhaps an obvious question - with this lens on the recessed lens board, the lever to change the aperture is on the top of the back-most ring of the lens/shutter assembly - meaning my relatively stubby fingers can only change the aperture a couple of stops, and then I can't get at it anymore at the lens board/lens' narrowest point as it approaches the top.

Surely this isn't a new problem - do people with this issue just carry around a narrow pen or popsicle stick or something similar to change the aperture (ex, changing from f/6.8 to focus on the ground glass and then back to f/16-32 for the actual exposure), or is there something obvious I'm missing here?