Interesting that Poisson du Jour's description varies so much from the official description:

Hosted by passionate photographer Andrew Günsberg (Australian Idol), Photo Finish is a unique series where, each week, three amateur photographers compete head-to-head in themed photographic challenges.

Equipped with the same camera, the time-based assignments are designed to test the photographers’ creativity and skills. A marriage celebrant, a prison officer, an actor and stay-at-home mum are amongst the 24 amateur photographers who take on a range of assignments.

To help decide the weekly winner, Andrew is joined by Anne Loxley, a curator at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and an expert judge from each genre.
Might be interesting if it turns out to be something more than just another dreadful competition reality show. Of course, I'll never see it...there's something like 8000 miles of water between me and the transmitters.