You need to check with your agent and specifically have him provide information about your options. There are several considerations. First is it covered as a homeowner loss such as fire, storm or theft. Probably so, as long as you can prove the value.

Second, your homeowners policy will not cover a loss away from the premises unless you have a specific rider added. This would include theft from an auto, an auto accident or fire, theft while traveling (luggage stolen).
Do not assume your auto insurance will pay if it is stolen from your car or the car is stolen with your gear in it. Most auto insurance will not pay for high dollar items left in a car.

Riders on your homeowner policy can cover the above exceptions, as well as other possible causes of damage. Keep records, receipts and photographs of the items as proof of value and condition.

The bottom line with insurance companies is they are not there to cover your loss, they are there to make money for their stockholders. If you don't have specific coverage for the items in writing they will try to get out of paying the claim.